Guided Meditation Audio CD
for Managing Test Anxiety

Guided Meditation CD for Managing Test Anxiety

Price: $13.00 plus S/H

This Guided Meditation CD uses Guided Imagery designed to help control test anxiety.  Research has shown that using guided imagery before exams can improve tests scores up to 20%. Students who have experienced problems with information recall, and their memory 'going blank' can easily fall into a pattern of poor test-taking, resulting in test anxiety. This guided imagery is quite effective in reducing anxiety prior to taking an exam and enhancing memory recall. It is very effective in breaking the pattern of negative thoughts and expectations about test taking.

Length of Guided Meditation

These guided meditations are each 20 minutes long. This is based on extensive research that shows 20 minutes as being the most optimal amount of time to elicit the relaxation response and to provide effective results.

Background and Training

Jane P. Ehrmen, M.Ed, Clinical Hypnotherapist

Jane has extensive training in hypnosis and guided imagery from Harvard University, the Mind/Body Medical Institute, Beth-Israel-Deaconess Hospital, The Academy for Guided Imagery in California, and Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital In Cleveland, OH. She has been professionally producing these relaxation tapes and CDs for over 10 years, some of which have been used in medical research with great outcomes. In addition, Jane is a research consultant for several universities doing research in imagery and mind/body medicine. (read more)

Shipping and Handling

CDs and audio tapes are typically shipped within two business days via USPS first class mail once payment is received. Shipping outside the contiguous 48 states is extra. Contact Jane for international shipping rates, Alaska and Hawaii.

  Up to $39 = $3.00 S&H
  $40 - $59 = $5.00 S&H
  $60 & up = $7.00 S&H

Return Policy

CD's and audio tapes with broken seals cannot be returned. If the CD or audio tape is found to be defective, simply return it, and it will be replaced at no charge.

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